Qualitative lighting design:
People oriented custom-made lighting, that keeps the man at the first place.

The core of qualitative design is vertical surfaces lighting, accent lighting and a good shielding.

The last one, allows the eye to have a constant lighting, and not been disturbed by different levels of light brightness.

Vertical surfaces lighting amplifies the spaces, increasing the brightness feeling perceived in a certain environment. Along with accent lighting, it reduces the brightness contrasts and prevent eye weariness. Its aim is to sense the proportions and the limits of a space. It's a necessary tool for the architecture-oriented lighting concepts.

Our activity

Phase 1 Analysis of user's needs
Project data collection
Definition of an intervention plan
Phase 2 Concept Design
Conceptual lighting
Lighting design proposal
3D visualizations
Intervention strategy
Phase 3 Preliminary project
Written description art
Lighting calculations
Estimation of maximum costs
Assistance on 3D visualizations
Phase 4 Executive project
Graphical art
Estimation of energy consumption
Maintenance plan
Phase 5 Realization
Final checking
Systems programming